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TEPLOOBMENNIK Production and Design Corporation obtained unique experience in development and manufacture of science-intensive thermotechnical products, delivered to aviation enterprises of Russia, near abroad and far-abroad countries. 

The company continuously expands the product range of aeronautical items, including part and components commonality. In parallel with development and production of aircraft units TEPLOOBMENNIK changes over to brand new level - design and manufacture of environmental control systems for up-to-date aircrafts. 

Manufacture and processes in TEPLOOBMENNIK plant

Manufacturing facilities of the enterprise and production capabilities allow to develop high quality scientific- intensive aircraft systems and units.

Welding Teploobmennik


  • Hand and automatic arc welding of stainless, aluminum and titanium alloys

  • Laser beam welding

  • Diffused welding


  • electron beam brazing

  • vacuum brazing

Die forming  

  • press forging of ferrous and nonferrous alloys with maximum outline dimensions of the parts to 200 mm

  • sheet and metal stamping



  • application of various types of electrocoating and chemical coating onto ferrous and nonferrous alloys



  • manufacture of cast sections with weight to 50 kg of aluminium alloys and steels of various grades

Manufacture Teploobmennik plant

Heat treatment 

  • Heat treatment of ferrous and nonferrous alloys in air and vacuum environment


  • high -accuracy machining of titanium alloys, stainless and heat-resistant steels, nonferrous materials

TEPLOOBMENNIK realizes production reorganization and technical retooling program, uses up-to-date high performance equipment: 

Teploobmennik equipment
  • press- type equipment Emerson & Renwick, LZK 2500, LDO 315 SMERAL BRNO A. S

  • precision lathes PRIMUS VCD Weiler

  • NC machines TRAUB, CNC-TAKANG, Weiler

  • high- accuracy multipurpose machining units HYUNDAI, HERMLE, INTEGREX i-200S YAMAZAKI MAZAK

  • state-of-the-art furnaces CONSARC for high temperature vacuum brazing

  • inspection and measuring machine UNIVERSAL etc.

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Design, manufacture, marketing, aftersale maintenance and repair of high-tech products and systems for helicopters and aircrafts

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