The DDO provided  the set of free- standing aeronautical  development trends, including development of propellant tank inert gas pressurization system for protection of an aircraft from fire or explosion. The DDO started aerospace activities, established department, developing electronic equipment temperature control system for spacecraft “Buran”.

In 1976 the plant obtained the copyright  certificate for industrial prototype of “Medical cryogenic system” (“Pingvin”), with the aid of which operations by cryodestruction method were provided.

In the eighties the plant implemented the new technological processes, created unique welding and brazing, machining, sheet- metal stamping techniques. The enterprise continued to master high temperature heat exchangers made of stainless steel. Robotic centers were implemented. Manufacture of products for new generation of aircrafts TU-204, IL- 96, IL- 114 etc. was launched.


For the first time in the industry the plant adopted computer- aided design systems (CAD) for design engineering and computation of items. TEPLOOBMENNIK’s airborne systems were equipped by automatic control units of in-house development and manufacture. By the early nineties practically every aircraft plane was equipped by items of TEPLOOBMENNIK brand.

In the heavy nineties in conditions of falloff of aircraft products orders the manufacture was oriented to output of popular consumer goods, but at the same time basic directions of the enterprise activity were maintained. Using advanced aircraft technologies, the plant developed and manufactured wide range of component parts for automotive business, including radiators for diesel engine, climate control systems and conditioners. Radiator production for manufacture of automotive aluminium and copper- brass radiators and bus heaters was organized at the enterpriser areas.

In 1994 the company launched operations for development of airborne automated system, designed for main propulsion unit mode and reversal control, monitoring and forced warning indication of ocean-going launches . The plant launched output of cooling packs for compartment passenger cars with purpose to recover serviceability of worn out car conditioners.

Large work (jointly with OKBM named after I.I. Afrikantov) for manufacture of unique product – the recuperator (high temperature leakproof heat exchange element) for efficient power generation in nuclear reactor was carried out.

Gas water heaters “Astra” were manufactured.

At the end of the nineties the enterprise widely implemented computer-aided design systems (CADS), 3D design systems of higher level Unigraphics.

In 2002 the company earned the honorific mention of V.V. Putin,  the President of the Russian Federation, for a major contribution into development and manufacture of aviation equipment.

Starting from 2002 Exhibition Center, highlighting the history of the company, multidisciplinary subject trend and engineering potential of the plant functions in TEPLOOBEMNNIK.

conveyor history picture

«No flights without us in Russia!»


These words to the best advantage exhibit the significance and the content of TEPLOOBMENNIK SC Production-and-Design Corporation activity. The enterprise is one of the foremost developers and suppliers of high technology products for aircraft industry of Russia.

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the plant was evacuated to Gorky. Evacuation took place from October, 19 to November, 08 1941 in the extreme conditions. Actually, the plant was established at “the green field”, but already in November 28, 1941 the plant manufactured the first lot of products: radiators for aircrafts, tanks and vessels.

Starting from 1943 flow-line conveyors and new manufacturing processes, allowing to increase output of products, were implemented.


conveyor history picture

From the middle of the fifties the plant was charged to set up production of items for aircraft environmental control systems. Range of thermal products for aircraft equipment was expanded significantly. The start of technical retooling and modernization was connected with mastering of liquid gasifiers with conceptually new constructive solutions for oxygen and nitrogen systems of helicopters and aircrafts.

All that highly stimulated the implementation of radically new technological processes (argon- arc welding of aluminium and stainless steel, manufacture of complicated pipelines, electrical circuitry building  and testing). In record- breaking time the plant organized production and started to manufacture new products for aviation- heat exchangers, air cycle machines etc.

The sixties – the time of tremendous upgrowth of aircraft engineering. Volume of orders from aeronautical enterprises rose sharply. As consequence of reconstruction of shops and production sites equipment was replanted and modernized, technological processes were mechanized  and automated to the maximum extent. 

The plant organized the branch of Moscow aggregatory plant (at present NAUKA JSC RSC) for development and mastering of new products, upgrade of the off-the-shelf items. In connection with establishment in 1960 of DDO – “think tank” of the enterprise- a set of principally new trends in development of designs and techniques for manufacture of aircraft  units and systems originated. Sixty two (62) items were introduced into production, and documents for development of the next 150 aircraft items were formulated. In July, 1961 the plant obtained the first inventor’s  certificate “System for measuring of liquid oxygen reserve in gasifier”.

The branch of ZVEZDA SPE (Scientific and Production Enterprise) (Moscow region) for monitoring of batch production of aircraft protective helmets was organized.

Intensive production restructuring, implementation of up-to-date equipment and flow processes took place. Construction of unique engineering structure – altitude test station, equipped by up-to-date automated equipment, started.

In the seventies the enterprise completely changed to manufacture of aeronautical products.

Only in 1974 the designers developed 26 new products and 12 modifications for various aircrafts. In June, 1970 the plant obtained the copyright  certificate for industrial prototype of “ Aircraft oxygen gasifier” – the first free- standing development of oxygen gasifier.


Welding of corrosion resistant alloys, plasma arc cutting, electron beam brazing, high- accuracy machining of titanium alloys were implemented;  die forging of helmets was transferred to press- gun. Implementation of machines with numerical control of multifunction machining center - type started.

Along with aircraft products manufacture of gas stoves was started.

On September 16, 1945, the plant was awarded with the Order of the Red Star "for exemplary fulfillment of Government tasks for the production of units for military aircraft."


Starting from 1945 alongside with aircraft coolers radiators for tractors and complete harvesters, which output constantly grew, were manufactured.

In 2003 TEPLOOBMENNIK won the tender for design, development, manufacture, delivery and support of aircraft items for new Russian passenger jet SSJ-100 of SUKHOI CIVIL AIRCRAFT company. The enterprise jointly with LIEBHERR AEROSPACE TOULOUSE, France developed, manufactured and delivers high-tech units for integrated air management system. Participation in Sukhoi SuperJet-100 aircraft development project introduced world standards for development and manufacture of items for aviation industry in the enterprise.

At present the company  works in more than 60 special trends, designs and manufactures more than 1200 items: air conditioning and cabin and cockpit pressure control systems, propellant tank inert gas pressurization system, airborne equipment cooling system, engine oil cooling and fuel heating systems, anti-icing air system, vapor compression refrigerating machine, protective helmets for pilots etc.

The following meaningful project became the passenger medium- haul aircraft MC-21. If in SSJ-100 manufacture TEPLOOBMENNIK teamed jointly with foreign companies, then in MC-21 project the enterprise is the lead developer of aircraft environmental control systems, in particular, Integrated Air Management System (IAMS) and Wing Anti- Ice System (WAIS).

In 2016 the plant celebrated the 75-th anniversary.

Design, manufacture, marketing, aftersale maintenance and repair of high-tech products and systems for helicopters and aircrafts

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