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Heat exchangers are designed for actuating air, supplied from engine compressor or APU, precooling by atmospheric air in AMS.

“Teploobmennik” SC PDC develops and manufactures various types of heat exchangers:
•    for various operating media (air, water, gas, fuel, oil, cold fluids etc.)
•    made of different materials (brass, aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum- copper alloy)
•    with different design features (tubular, plate- type)


The plant manufactures the following heat- exchangers:

•    air - to - air heat exchangers for precooling of air, supplied from engine compressor to an aircraft or helicopter AMS
•    air-to- liquid heat exchangers
•    air-to- oil heat exchangers
•    fuel - to - air heat exchangers, including those with buffer zone
•    fuel - to -oil heat exchangers for cooling of oil, circulating in an engine oil system, with fuel
•    filler and inflow evaporators
•    nitrogen - fuel evaporators
•    fuel heaters

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